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The Tornillo Collective is an El Paso-based project which utilizes the arts to promote education about the current U.S. immigration policy which has seen the separation of refugee children from their parents, putting the refugees in cages, and warehousing unaccompanied refugee minors in detention centers like those found in Tornillo, Texas.

The Collective was founded in El Paso, Texas on October 2018 by Afro-Chicana writer/musician Nancy Lorenza Green.  It is made up of a diverse, multidisciplinary group of teaching and performing artists from the US-Mexico border region.  This episode is an interview Nancy Green and Raquel Mejia over the development of their play titled:Escape from Tornillo.  The idea for the play was generated during a Tumblewords writing workshop led by Eternity Wauls and inspired by the organizing model of the Underground Railroad.

The Collective also plans to publish their writing as an anthology, and to use their narratives to develop the play’s story line and dialogue.

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